Décor Art Giclee Prints

Supply your original as negatives, transparencies or reflection prints (including original art) or as files on CD, DVD, ZIP, or floppy disks - see file specifications below.

File Specifications:

Please supply files as RGB Adobe 1998.TIFF or JPEG in the final size required. Reflection prints will be photographed using our 12.5 megapixel copier to produce a 25mb file for printing. Available in all sizes. Contact us for a quote

What are Décor Art Giclee Prints?

Giclee is derived from the French meaning to squirt or spray tiny high resolution images on to paper, canvas, Fine Art Fabric, Premium Photographic Quality papers, backlit material and other substrates.

The process uses Ultrachrome pigments which are superior to other printing methods with greater colour fidelity and longer lasting. These lightfast pigments are sprayed on to the substrate using numerous fine printheads. These pigments have a much wider colour gamut than usual ink jet printers.

The manufacturer of the special pigments used in the Ultrachrome system claim a life of seventy years for colour prints and 100 years for black and white prints under suitable conditions.